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The 2CT is a priming centrifugal trash pump, closed coupled to electric motor or pedestal mount. This pump has the capability to pass solids up to 1.5 inches.
Chemflo® – Chemflo’s® are end suction centrifugal pumps that are available in many sizes to meet your every need. Featuring 316 stainless steel construction, this work horse can be purchased with a variety of seal and motor face options.
Flomax® – Often duplicated, but never matched in quality and performance, Flomax® is the original high performance self priming centrifugal pump. Flomax® is available in numerous composites and sizes to meet your every need.
The HHLF is a high head, low flow self priming centrifugal pump and is ABS approved. It is available in cast iron or bronze construction. The HHLF is capable of achieving 25 feet of suction lift.
Hydrasub is a compact, lightweight, hydraulically driven submersible pump with high flow capabilities. This self-priming pump is made with a high strength aluminum alloy that is anodized for corrosion and wear resistance. This pump features a stainless steel impeller, ball bearing, and a gerotor type hydraulic motor.
The MAX EB is a high quality center pivot irrigation booster pump.
P-MAX is a gasoline engine driven 2"x 2" polyester resin self-priming centrifugal pump capable of flows up to 180 gpm and heads to 113'.
Petrolmaxx is an adaptation of MP Pumps, Inc. industry leading, self priming design; Flomax®. When coupled to an approved drive, this pump is designed to meet all of your fuel handling needs. Constructed out of tough ductile iron, Petrolmaxx can stand up to the day to day demands that this application requires. End suction petroleum models are also available.
Our series pumps are at the heart of our product line. These are end suction centrifugal pumps and are available in several configurations to meet all of your pumping requirements.
The Tempuflo series is a patented unique centrifugal pump designed for high temperature applications. The Tempuflo line includes two models. The HTO model is designed for hot oil applications such as the plastics, rubber, asphalt and food industries. The HTW is designed for applications that use hot water for process. Applications include pharmaceutical, hospitals, chemical processing and food and beverage processing. Pumps can be used in horizontal or vertical positions and is available with or without an electric motor.
Centrifugal pumps designed for coolant and water recirculation applications required by the transportation / military industries. MP Pumps Inc. has the most complete transportation product offering available on the market today. Our product line ranges from the brushless and sealless mag-driven centrifugal pump to circulators with inline or directional connections that are designed to lower installation costs.