2" x 1-1/2" End Suction Centrifugal Pump

Made with high quality investment cast 316 stainless steel components, the ChemFlo® series of pumps are designed to be applied in a wide range of pumping applications where stainless steel is required.

The ChemFlo® 4 hydraulic pumps utilize a semi-open impeller design to allow for passage of larger solid sizes than similar sized enclosed impellers.  Enclosed impeller options are available for higher efficiency performance. Several seal options are available in addition to the standard type 2100 carbon / ceramic / Viton mechanical seal.

ChemFlo®4 hydraulic pumps are offered with .22 or .37 cubic inch displacement SAE port fitting gerotor type motors for hydraulic flows up to 10 GPM and a maximum pressure of 2,500 PSI. An optional case drain allows the motor to be used in series with other hydraulic devises. Some hydraulic motors are bi-rotational.

Further expanding the versatility of the ChemFlo® series is the CFB 4 pump, a ChemFlo® 4 in NiBrAl material.  All wetted parts are produced in CA 958 nickel aluminum bronze including the drive sleeve to maximize corrosion protection in seawater applications.

Suction and Discharge

2" x 1-1/2" NPT


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Materials of Construction

316 stainless steel, CFB (nickel aluminum bronze)


Uo to 220 GPM

Head Feet

Up to 205'


4.5" semi-open, cast 316 SS

Drive Options

Hydraulic motor .22 cu. in, Hydraulic motor .37 cu. in.


Standard carbon / ceramic / Viton


Hydraulic motors with flow control, case drain

Hydraulic System Pressure

Up to 2500 PSI

Hydraulic Motor


Hydraulic Fluid Flow

Up to 10 GPM


Up to 100

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