2" x 2" Self Priming Centrifugal Pump

FLOMAX® 8 hydraulic self-priming centrifugal pumps are capable of creating vacuum sufficient to lift liquids from heights up to 25 feet above the source. Once primed, the pump’s built in flapper valve will maintain a full column of liquid in the suction line.

A FLOMAX® 8 hydraulic pump is available with a .37, .45 or .58 cubic inch displacement gerotor motors.  They are capable of hydraulic flows ranging from 5 GPM to 12 GPM and hydraulic pressures ranging from 900 PSI to 1850 PSI.

Standard features include stainless steel drive sleeve, stainless steel fasteners, renewable wearplate, and a semi-open dynamically balanced impeller. Options include double grease lubricated seals, stainless steel impeller and seals for all types of abrasive and/or corrosive services.

The FLOMAX® series of pumps are commonly used in Industrial, Agricultural and Marine applications, such as: Bilge Pumps, Auxiliary Fire Pumps, Ballast Transfer Pumps, Washdown Pumps, Fertilizer and Pesticide Pumps, Applicators & Sprayers, Blending Pumps, Nurse Tanks, Bulk Transfer Pumps and much more.

Suction and Discharge

2" x 2" NPT ports


, ,

Materials of Construction

316 stainless steel, Aluminum, Bronze, Cast iron


Up to 200 GPM

Head Feet

Up to 275'


5.0" semi-open

Drive Options

Hydraulic motor .37 cu. in., Hydraulic motor .45 cu. in., Hydraulic motor .58 cu. in.


Special seal material combinations available (consult factory), Standard carbon / ceramic / Viton

Hydraulic System Pressure

Up to 1900 psi

Hydraulic Motor



Hydraulic motors with flow control


Renewable wear plate, Stainless steel drive sleeve, Stainless steel fasteners, Up to a 25' suction lift

Max Solid Size

.56" diameter

Hydraulic Fluid Flow

Up to 12 GPM


Up to 120

Part # Model Line Description Construction Type Mounting Motor HP Phase List Price
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