FLOMAX® 5 and 8 Double Seal

FLOMAX® 5 and 8 Double Seal

Double Seal, Self Priming, Centrifugal Pump

MP Pumps has redesigned its Double Seal Flomax pumps to provide a more robust and compact design. The patent pending design has relocated the barrier fluid accumulator onto the body of the pump creating a more compact footprint, eliminating external plumbing connections for the grease fitting cartridge resulting in decreased system costs and greater pump reliability. The barrier fluid accumulator pressurizes the seal cavity to a higher pressure thus eliminating the possibility of the process fluid being transferred to enter the seal chamber. The constant presence of the barrier fluid allows the pump to operate in a dry run condition for increased hours of running and makes them ideal for handling abrasive fluids. These pump types have proven success in various hard-to-handle applications including tank unloading, machine chip conveying, and bentonite handling in horizontal drilling applications.


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To 170 GPM


Cast Iron, Semi-open, Balanced


Type 31, Silicon Carbide vs. Silicon Carbide (Inboard)

Port Sizes

Flomax 5: 1-1/2" x 1-1/2"NPT Flomax 8: 2"x 2" NPT

Mounting Options

Electric Motor-145TC, Electric Motor-56C, Engine, Pedestal, PumPak®

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